Kaiser Buns: Why Sell Them In Your Store?

Kaiser buns are a tasty, unique roll and a wonderful addition to any store's bakery wares. You can purchase your own kaiser buns at your local bakery to sell in your store, which both supports a small business and allows you to put something fresh in your own store.

To know if kaiser buns and rolls are ideal for selling in your store, learn more about what they are. This way, you know you're adding something unique and flavorful to your own bakery section in your store and making your grocery store stand out among the others in your area.

Kaiser buns are versatile

Kaiser buns are crusty on the outside and beautiful to look at. These rolls are hardy enough to be used as sandwich or main course rolls and tasty enough to be consumed on their own. Depending on who you buy your kaiser rolls from, they might come with herbs and seeds on top for added texture and taste or stand alone on their own. You can sell kaiser buns in your store by the bun in a display, or you can bag them in assorted bunches and sell them by the bag. The hardy crusted exterior of kaiser buns allows them to keep their shape even when packed together.

Kaiser buns are appealing

Whether you have tried kaiser buns or not, one thing makes them stand out the most: their design. Kaiser buns are classically shaped with all four corners turning inward so they look like they have flowers or stars on top, or have a stamp placed into them for design, depending on who the baker you choose is. This unique and custom design makes kaiser buns stand out among other hardy rolls and gives your customers a new style of bread to consider when they go shopping.

Kaiser buns have a unique flavor

Kaiser buns are crusted on the outside and chewy and dense on the inside, which is great for people who like a tasty bread with their main meal. The poppy seeds or sesame seeds, along with other herbs and flavor additives like dried onion or thyme, make these rolls tasty and ideal for a variety of main meals. Plain kaiser rolls can be purchased for those who just want a plain roll for soups or sandwiches.

Shop around for kaiser rolls at your local bakery and see if you can work out a custom order to keep these rolls stocked in your store. It's a win for everyone and your customers get exposed to even more delicious wares.

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Kaiser buns are a tasty, unique roll and a wonderful addition to any store's bakery wares. You can purchase your own kaiser buns at your local bakery

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Kaiser rolls are a delicious alternative to normal sandwich bread and hamburger buns. Many cooks prefer to use them with sandwiches that include meat